This email was received from Fr. Duane.

Date: December 21, 2017 at 4:41:40 AM CST

To: Father James Albers OSB

Dear Abbot James, and Community

The news we have about Bishop Herbert (from Fr. Sidney, one of the priests with whom he lives):

Bp Herbert is out of Intense Care Unit; he is in a hospital room now. He is much better. Doctor said that he is responding well to treatment. Major attention is to kidneys. But he doesn't need hemodialysis.

Herbert is worried about this, but the doctor reassures him. He did not lose his appetite nor does he vomit.

The priest asked if there is a prognosis for his release from the hospital. Doctor said no. But believes that not less than 5 days before he can leave. We are praying and accompanying him in his recuperation.


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Abbot James Albers, OSB

Abbot James Robert Albers, OSB was born in Ost, Kansas.

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